Matt Hamilton of Team USA

As we’ve been watching the first week of the Pyeongchang Olympics, we at The Hacks (USA Curling’s Fan Club, have been struck by the bevy of digital enhancements NBC has brought to the curling viewing experience to make the sport more accessible.

While curling isn’t necessarily the most fast-paced sport, it’s easy to miss a nuance amidst all the roaring and sweeping. Thankfully NBC has a couple of useful ways to catch whatever you missed. Whether you watch on their site or on the NBC Sports app, both platforms offer the “Select an end” feature, letting you skip to the pivotal end in any game. Especially useful if you step out for a Molson and come back to discover that the game has changed.

Perhaps most interestingly, NBC has every athlete in the tournament mic’d, letting you hear every “draw!” “fast!” “hard!” and “whoa!” These calls are integral to play on the ice, and give new fans a window into how players communicate during a game, making the experience more clear and visceral than ever before.

NBC also offers the ability to set up push notifications for upcoming games and events, and offers trivia on their app, and replays and highlights on both the app and site, all geared towards getting new fans into the spirit of the game. Check out curling at The 2018 Winter Games on NBC,, and the NBC Sports App. Check out The Hacks at